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In order for all the factors described earlier to play 100%, it is necessary that this system be closed by the last factor of your PR and search visibility. This is the content — that is, the content of your site. The new visitor attracted by us should see your company in such a way that the impression already received is confirmed, the uniqueness of your offer should be obvious to him.

There are several rules that determine the successful content of the site, the main one is to make the content of your site really interesting to your client. Reveal your advantages from different sides, you can write more and more interesting about any product, service and company. Aerobatics is the kind of site content after which a person has no questions left — he needs to buy, and buy it from you, right now.

PR Star texts for clients are written by PR specialists who are interested in the success of your project. We want to tell you interesting things about you so that anyone who comes to your site thanks to our work will get to know you the way we do. Visual content is equally important — articles are complemented by infographics, illustrations prove the main idea of the text. This part of the work is embedded in the general package of purchased posts and is charged as 10 posts for creating content on 1 page.

Of course, the site pages must meet the key queries that you are being searched for. These same key queries are included in the brand's PR strategy. PR agents recommend new pages of your site all over the Internet with a mention of the key queries corresponding to these pages. This makes it easy for the search engine to identify a site as relevant to your topic, and the more recommendations there are, the more valuable it becomes and the higher it rises in search results.