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How will review sites and portals help in website promotion?

Review sites and portals

Many people believe that if you take a very long and responsible approach to quality, customers themselves will praise and recommend them after a few years. We want to upset the optimists right away. The fact is that a happy client is a silent client, and a dissatisfied client, out of spite, is ready to be sophisticated in literature on all the vastness of the Internet. But even if all your customers are satisfied and your quality is excellent, then your competitors may leave a negative impression about you, who understand that this will stop your sales and stimulate their sales.

For example, for the real estate market, opinions are formed on such portals:

But back to the satisfied customer. In order for him to write a positive about you, he needs a seed. If a satisfied customer sees that no one is talking about you on the Internet, he begins to doubt himself: "or maybe I was just lucky? I don't want to be different from everyone else," and you are left without a review again. And so it is throughout the life of your company. You need to change the situation and promote all those advantages that you are used to keeping silent about.

The mechanism is very simple:

  • a potential client sees the positive and understands that he made the right choice
  • a regular customer makes sure that it is possible to work only with you, there is nothing to think about
  • the competitor understands that it is not worth spreading nasty things about you, since everyone knows that you are cool
  • the search engine understands that it is necessary to show your site more often, since everyone likes you

You can see how everything is interconnected on the Internet: one (the desire to buy from you) stems from another (positive reviews) and is an integral part of the third (visibility in search engines). It's more interesting further, as you will have to get acquainted with some more advantages!