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Ready-made solutions

In a week you will have an online store with mobile applications. We have developed a ready-made solution, a website with DigitalCMS mobile applications. With our solution, you just need to make changes to the website and updated product information is automatically synchronized with mobile applications. Your business will look at the levels of large market places. Customers who prefer to buy through mobile apps (and there are already more than 40% of them now) will finally be able to use your products or services.

After we host your website and your mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play, you will be able to use three development strategies:

1) Just make money on the modern approach to business on the Internet, which your competitors are still far from - only 3% of small and medium-sized businesses have mobile applications.

2) Annually renew the DigitalCMS license for the website with mobile applications and regularly receive all updates and improvements.

3) To develop your website with mobile applications in our company or in any other - we use: open source, a widespread stack of technologies and the most famous development pattern.

Renting a ready-made Apple mobile app

Why invest a lot of money and wait if you can already offer your customers a modern, easy and fast website!? And most importantly, your customers can already use mobile applications for your new online store! If the option of a mobile application for rent is more suitable for you, then remember - you can always buy it out, already with a profit!
64 $

Rent a ready-made Android mobile application

It's good when everything is ready! You can already get an Android mobile application for your new online store and please your customers with the convenience! The main thing to remember is that when you need it, you can always buy the mobile application into your property.
62 $

Rent a ready-made online store

An online store with mobile applications for rent. The offer is interesting because you pay a fixed monthly payment and get a modern website with mobile applications. Customers will receive a service at the level of a large marketplace and your customer base will constantly grow, and when you are ready and if you want, you will be able to buy out your website with mobile applications, at a fixed cost, forever. The price is indicated 'from', if our standard solution is suitable for you and when paying rent for half a year!
51 $

A ready-made Android mobile app forever

The overwhelming number of users use Android phones. In a few days, your customers will be able to order from you in a convenient way, and you will get a huge advantage over your competitors. Give your customers the opportunity to buy from you in a convenient way today!
1 625 $

Apple's ready-made mobile app forever

Apple device users are considered the most solvent. Usually, such clients are particularly demanding of the service they provide. Within a week, your business can reach a modern level and provide all its customers with a high level of service. You don't have to wait half a year and spend a lot of money for this! Become modern right now.
1 885 $

Ready-made online store forever

A modern online store with mobile applications is available to everyone! You will be able to make changes and add products on the site and they will be immediately available to your customers in mobile applications. Your products from the site will also be available in marketplaces, and when your customer unpacks the product with the first purchase and finds out that you have mobile applications, then you will get your own growing customer base. The price is indicated 'from', if our standard solution is suitable for you!
1 235 $