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Online store advertising

Budget for advertising campaigns

If you do not want to replenish your account on your own in Yandex, VKontakte, Sberbank, Ozone, various bulletin boards, etc. – we can do it for you. You get the convenience of working when all your advertising is paid for with one account on PRSTAR, and we independently transfer money to your accounts. Our commission, for a lot of fuss, is only 20% (including taxes that we pay on turnover), when your budget is small it is very convenient! If the budget is more than 10,000 rubles, it is more reasonable to pay directly.
0 $

Yandex Direct

Contextual advertising Yandex, after leaving Google, has become almost a monopoly. We will set up an effective advertising campaign for you and will be monitoring it within a month. Few people are able to set up ads in Yandex correctly. Very often we receive clients and analyze how their budget was spent before PRSTAR - we constantly find a useless expenditure of funds, which over the years turns into a large lost profit. Our experience of more than 20 years will allow you to set up and control your Yandex advertising campaign with maximum efficiency!
189 $

Mobile app Advertising

Your mobile apps can also be advertised as well as your website. Users will install it on their phone and become your regular customers! You choose your own budget for displaying advertisements with your application, and the cost of our services is always fixed.
98 $

Advertising on marketplaces

Each marketplace has the opportunity to further promote your products through advertising. Advertising on the marketplace will bring you additional sales, sometimes it is necessary for initial promotion when you have just started promoting your business through marketplaces. You can independently choose the size of the budget for advertising on any marketplace, and the cost of our services is always fixed.
111 $