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Online store Promotion

Take a minute and read, in order of importance, the work that is needed to promote the site. For 20 years, every year we have been adapting our algorithms to search engines.

1. Website optimization is an extremely important factor for promoting a website to the TOP. High-quality site optimization is often needed to dominate high-frequency queries. Practice shows that the first place is achievable even with a small budget. On average, you will need from 2 hours of optimization of your site per month, and after several reindexations by search engines, you will see an increase in the position of your site in terms of promoted phrases. Modern website optimization is also about improving the usability of your website, it should become easier for the client to find the necessary information and place an order.

2. External promotion consists of three services at once: "Registration on review sites and catalogs", "Bulletin boards" and "Posting a press release on news sites". All these three services are designed to increase the number of sites that will link to yours, at the same time it will bring additional visitors, which will be indicated in statistics as "clicks on links on sites". Also, review sites, bulletin boards and press releases are well searched by search engines. Usually, in the monthly individual tariff, we provide a "Budget for an advertising campaign", which we use to add your press release and ads to more rated and visited sites.

3. Contextual advertising – the easiest way to please a search engine is to pay it. We will effectively set up an advertising campaign for you in Yandex, you will only need to top up your balance there. The amount of advertising expenses can be any, if it is small, then we can include it in the "Budget for an advertising campaign" service, if the advertising costs are more than 10 tr., then we can invoice you from your advertising account in Yandex. Direct.

Also, in order to figure everything out faster, we recommend watching our "Comic about PR and promotion".

If you already like our approach to website promotion, then you can simply send a request with the address of your site, and we will conduct a free audit and offer the best tariff.

Registration on review sites, catalogs and thematic forums

Registering on review sites, catalogs, and thematic forums will give your site backlinks. A desperate client will not be able to add your company as he wants, but will only be able to leave a review or ask a question on the forum. You will be able to respond to your client's feedback, thereby gaining the opportunity to control the company's reputation. On behalf of your company, we can post your news and information about new products on such sites. Meanwhile, backlinks from such sites are of serious importance to search engines and affect the site quality index. The high ranking of your site affects the promotion in search engines.
6 $

Site administration

1) We will help you make changes on your site: post pictures, news, articles and make other necessary settings. 2) Specify the details in your account. Our assistant will contact you and help you assign specific performers. 3) Monitor the implementation of your order at the most affordable prices in the country. And all this is due to the full automation of all processes and a large pool of performers!
18 $

Posting a press release on news sites

Do you have good news that the media can post on your website for free, and do you think how to promote the site? We will help you do this professionally - we will select a database of suitable media outlets, taking into account the subject of your news, and we will send out your press release. In your office, we will attach screenshots and every ruble spent on the notorious Public Relations will be spent on the case. In my experience, at least 5% of the media will post a good article. But most importantly, if you do this regularly, then the percentage of placement with good information occasions can grow to 30.
6 $

Design (logos, memes, pictures, pages)

An article or post with a picture will attract much more attention, likes and repostings. Well-designed articles on your site with unique pictures will better attract the attention of both your potential customers and search engines. And of course, we can design a new website for you or redesign an old one.
23 $

Bulletin boards (PR on information portals and forums)

Ads on free and paid bulletin boards, as well as discussions on forums and blogs, are perhaps the most effective way of PR and promotion. A hyperlink to your site naturally affects the "Site Quality Index", then search engines will see that you are mentioned on the Internet on different sites and will be able to determine by which words a link to your site should be recommended to your customers in the search. 100 messages per month is enough for good results in search engine promotion. But there is also a very nice bonus - pages with discussions and ads are well searched in search engines and bring additional customers for five years or more. Attention! We are strongly against fake PR! We are ready to reveal your positive sides, but if you want to fill the Internet with lies about yourself, then we do not recommend this approach! Every business has advantages that you can tell everyone about.
6 $

Writing SEO articles - 1500 characters

1) Specify how many articles you need to write. 2) Specify the order details in your account. If desired, you can choose specific performers, or you can entrust everything to an assistant. 3) Get the result within a maximum of a week. The articles written can be used both for posting on your site in order to improve search engine optimization of the site, and for posting on external resources (portals, blogs, forums, social networks and review sites), which is also extremely important when the task is "how to promote the site!"
23 $

Website optimization

Optimization is 50% of the key to success in the issue of website promotion. In one hour, you can optimize a maximum of 4 pages, if you have a large website, then simply determine the budget (for example, 5 hours per month), and the costs will be covered by the benefits for your business in the future. Based on the results of the work, you will receive an xsl file where all the work will be visible; after agreeing, you can place texts and meta tags with the help of our specialists (at the rate of 1 hour of site administration for optimization placement for 3 pages) A video of the work on optimizing your site will be attached to your personal account (55 minutes, since it takes 5 minutes to shoot a screen recording and upload videos to the Internet)
32 $